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'It was like a wedding'

The strangest Brownlow ceremony ever needed an early ice-breaker

4:31pm  Dec 13, 2016

Greats to present medals to Mitchell and Cotchin

Former Brownlow winners to give Mitchell and Cotchin their medals

5:50pm  Dec 7, 2016

Good guy Dangerfield helps out his mate

Brownlow victor reveals he let teammate crash in his room after win

3:41pm  Sep 27, 2016

How your club fared

Who was your club's best performer in the 2016 Brownlow Medal

1:15am  Sep 27, 2016

Couchy, this one's for you, says Dangerfield

Dangerfield dedicates Brownlow Medal to fellow Cat great

12:40am  Sep 27, 2016

American Pie makes Brownlow history

Collingwood ruckman makes history by polling against the Lions

12:12am  Sep 27, 2016

Ablett, Mitchell level among all-time greats

Gary Ablett and Sam Mitchell become history's leading vote-winners

12:04am  Sep 27, 2016

How the 2016 Brownlow Medal was won

The raging favourite didn't disappoint on a history-making night

11:21pm  Sep 26, 2016

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